Upgrade Your Floors and Backsplashes

Upgrade Your Floors and Backsplashes

Get tile products and installation from Kansas City & Shawnee, KS tile experts

Tile is a great way to renew the visual appeal of your home. With the right tile products in place, you can reinvigorate your kitchen, bathroom or living room quickly and affordably.

Sash Group, LLC can guide you through the tile selection and installation process from start to finish. We provide a wide selection of materials, colors and patterns-making it easy for you to find tiles that match your needs.

Visit Kansas City & Shawnee, KS's premier tile showroom today to get started on your tile installation. When we're done with your project, your home will look better than ever before.

Learn about our tile materials

Tile products come in a variety of forms and colors. Here are just a few of the materials Sash Group uses for your renovations:

  • Ceramic - Enjoy durable and water-resistant tiles.
  • Porcelain - Get shiny, scratch-resistant tiles.
  • Natural stone - Add an organic look to your home.


For top-notch tile installation around Kansas City & Shawnee, KS, hire Sash Group. Select your preferred materials, colors and styles, and then leave the rest to us.

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